BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Solves Two Long-Standing Mysteries For BLINKs

Jisoo gave long-awaited answers to BLINKs’ burning questions!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo recently participated in WIRED‘s popular Autocomplete Interview and answered commonly asked questions about herself in the fun new video to celebrate her solo debut.


Jisoo made her long-awaited solo debut with her mini-album ME on March 31. Although she’s been busy on BLACKPINK’s BORN PINK world tour and with Coachella preparations, she’s found time to spend moments with and create content for BLINKs.

Jisoo at her “ME” fan meeting event in Seoul | Osen

Her interview with WIRED was a special opportunity for BLINKs to get to know the group’s oldest member through her answering commonly searched questions and discussing trending topics.

She filled fans in on her style, new habits, her favorite BLACKPINK song, her skills, and gave new details about how she gained her unique middle name.

BLACKPINK’s live in 2019 where Jisoo discussed her middle name.

Jisoo revealed that she had a “new English name” on a 2019 group live broadcast. To keep the mystery, Rosé hilariously told her at the time that she should only reveal the name and give no further details.

Jisoo proudly declared that she always wanted a middle name, so she picked “Turtle Rabbit” and ended the topic there.

During her WIRE interview, one of the commonly asked questions was, “Why is Jisoo called ‘Turtle Rabbit Kim’?” this time, Jisoo explained its origin and how Jennie was involved.

In 2019, BLACKPINK traveled to Hawaii to film for their 2021 Summer Diary. After they were done with their schedules, they stayed a few extra days to vacation on the island.

They went to Turtle Bay on the North Shore in their free time together. In the car, Jisoo was talking to Jennie, who has the middle name Ruby-Jane.

Koreans typically only have their given name and surname, so Jisoo asked her groupmate how she had her middle name and who gave it to her.

Jennie told her unnie that she could pick her middle name herself and encouraged her to choose a name. Jisoo initially chose “Jisoo Rabbit Kim,” but Jennie thought it would be too obvious.

Since they were headed to Turtle Bay, Jisoo decided she would be “Jisoo Turtle Rabbit Kim” instead, and that’s how she got her unique name.

Jisoo solved two mysteries, as fans had previously wondered about Ruby-Jane after Jennie announced she would be making her acting debut under the name “Jennie Ruby-Jane,” and the name had been used in her Instagram handle “@jennierubyjane.”

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