BLINKs Spot Hints That The BLACKPINK Members Are Already Recording For Their Comeback

BLINKs are detectives!

BLACKPINK‘s spoiler queen is back at it again! Previously hinting at their comeback, Jisoo is teasing fans again in her recent Instagram story.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

She uploaded a video of herself in a studio bobbing her head to an unknown song.

The song is good!

— Jisoo

Fans would love to jam along to a snippet of the new music, but Jisoo’s not giving away too much: The video is muted! However, fans noticed another clue from Jisoo. Removing the “Lovesick Girls” music video from her Instagram bio, it seems she’s preparing to change it for the comeback.

Additionally, fans spotted Lisa outside of YG Entertainment, hinting that it’s possible the members are meeting in the studio!

Lisa knows just how long fans have been waiting for a comeback, and it won’t be long until she can give us all some more good news!

We’re back together. That’s like a secret. Yeah, we’re like [getting] together again.

— Lisa

We’ll take any hints from these girls we can get!

Rumor has it BLACKPINK’s comeback will happen in June. Check out more below!

BLACKPINK Reportedly Making Their Comeback In June