BLINKs Want A “Rapper Jisoo” Comeback, But BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Reaction Says It All

Lisa’s’ reactions couldn’t have been any more different!

Since BLACKPINK debuted in 2016, the members have all showcased that they are true all-rounders. The oldest member Jisoo is no exception, and along with her singing and performing, she is an actress and global brand ambassador.

Recently, BLINKs showed that there’s another side of Jisoo they want to see ASAP!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaa__/Instagram

To celebrate their 6th anniversary, each of the BLACKPINK members decided to have a live broadcast with fans, and the first duo was none other than Lisa and Jisoo. As expected, it was truly chaotic, and BLINKs couldn’t get enough of the interactions.

With a comeback on the horizon, both Jisoo and Lisa were pranking BLINKs with possible spoilers, joking that everything they were saying might or might not be a spoiler.

In particular, there seemed to be some BLINKs who were feeling very nostalgic for one thing, and it was none other than “Rapper Jisoo.”

In the past, although Jisoo is one of BLACKPINK’s main vocalists, the group’s oldest member has wowed fans with her rapping. She might ooze elegance and grace, but she truly steals the stage no matter what she does.



Well, it seems like after some time away, BLINKs want the return of rapper Jisoo, and Lisa was more than ready to get the word out. During the live broadcast, Lisa was looking through the comments and read out, “Jisoo rapper, come back, please.”

As soon as the words left Lisa’s mouth, Jisoo had the funniest reaction as she instantly buried her head in her hands as if she couldn’t want anything less than her rapping to return.

Lisa seemed to find it hilarious, and as she couldn’t stop laughing in the background, Jisoo quickly took matters into her own hands and kept going, “No, no, no.”

Although Jisoo seemed to be reluctant to see the return of “Rapper Jisoo,” netizens online couldn’t get enough of her reaction and shared their own wishes that she might make a comeback. Others joked that when they eventually get a Jisoo solo, maybe the idol will rap there.

Whether or not “Rapper Jisoo” makes a comeback is probably unlikely in the next comeback. Yet, with Lisa’s hilarious reaction, maybe the group’s main rapper might be able to persuade her unnie to take the leap and give BLINKs what they want.

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