BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Officially Announces Huge Plans For The Future — Taking On The Role Of CEO

Jisoo finally confirmed the rumors!

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo officially announces plans for the future, cementing her new status as a CEO.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Like the rest of the members, Jisoo didn’t renew her solo contract with YG Entertainment. Although she has been booked and busy, netizens were curious about her future, especially with Jennie and Lisa creating their own company.

Jisoo for ALO
Jisoo’s ad for DIOR

Early on February 21, photos were released speculating that the rumors of her company BLISSOO became a reality. Yet, it was confusing as the website was set to private shortly after.


At around 7:30 PM (KST), Jisoo confirmed everyone’s suspicions by officially announcing her company, BLISSOO, on Instagram.

In the caption, the post read, “Transcending the boundaries of genres and fields, our mission is to share the happiness that JISOO creates in her own unique way.” It was definitely a beautiful way to showcase the vision for BLISSOO, along with the much longer description in the Instagram post.


In the message, she also made BLINKs emotional with the line, “also for BLACKPINK” when it comes to sharing support.


While the initial accounts were blank, after Jisoo’s announcement, all of the websites came to life with the new logo and photos of the idol.




Jisoo also changed all of her social media to match BLISSOO.

With three members of BLACKPINK flaunting their CEO status, it is an exciting time for all the members, and Rosé will undoubtedly follow.

You can read more about the initial reveal below.

New Information About BLACKPINK Jisoo’s Alleged Company Goes Viral — Just For The Website To Be Taken Down

Source: @sooyaaa__


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