BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is A True Professional When Performing On Stage — Even With An Injury

Even Rosé made sure to help Jisoo when she could.

Performing on stage is truly the dream for all idols, but sometimes things happen that are out of their control, including injuries. With such hectic schedules, it isn’t surprising that idols can get hurt.

Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo proved to be a true professional during the group’s recent show in America.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

After starting in Seoul and going to America, BLACKPINK’s schedule has been packed. Yet, they have stolen the hearts of fans during each show.

BLACKPINK in Seoul | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

In particular, Jisoo has gained praise for her amazing stage presence, particularly when it comes to her solo stage. Despite not having a solo song to perform, she has constantly stolen the hearts of fans.

During a recent show, BLINKs raised concerns after BLINKs noticed that Jisoo’s solo stage seemed delayed, and all the dancers left the stage. According to those attending, many believed that Jisoo had injured her leg during one of the previous performances.

Despite her injury, fans couldn’t stop praising the idol for her solo stage. Despite the delay, Billboard reporter Jeff Benjamin revealed that it was the strongest performance he’s seen from Jisoo and that her energy was just a pure bundle of joy.

Of course, the performance was perfect and Jisoo looked stunning as she performed in front of thousands of fans.

| @oomfnina/Twitter
| @oomfnina/Twitter   

Yet, it didn’t mean that Jisoo didn’t take her injury into consideration. One BLINK shared a video of Jisoo sitting down on the stage. Although her performance skills meant it was still a joy to watch, it was clear that the idol was in discomfort.

| @chichu_forever/Twitter 

Many also praised Rosé for her treatment of Jisoo. Near the end of the show, the members were having fun with fans, and many noticed Rosé go up to Jisoo so that they could enjoy interacting with fans.

| @chichu_forever/Twitter  

After some seriously adorable interactions in front of the camera, Rosé was seen tapping Jisoo on the shoulder. They then saw Rosé motion for Jisoo to get up on her back, which would’ve meant the group’s oldest member didn’t have to strain her injury even more.

| @chichu_forever/Twitter

Although reluctant, Jisoo jumped on Rosé’s back and couldn’t contain her excitement as her member ran across the stage.

| @chichu_forever/Twitter
| @chichu_forever/Twitter

Not only did Jisoo prove to be a true professional, but Rosé’s reaction shows how close they are that she wanted to ensure her member didn’t put unnecessary strain on her injury.

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