BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Publicly Clowned Her Manager’s Photography Skills

Jisoo was not impressed with the photo

BLACKPINK toured Europe as part of their In Your Area World Tour, but they fortunately made some time to go sightseeing. The girls have been spotted in Paris, after giving a concert there a few days ago.

Jisoo and Rosé went to explore “the City of Love” together and took some amazing shots!

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jisoo in paris 🐰

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By the looks of it, they managed to see famous Parisian landmarks like Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. Although, both members posted some gorgeous photos, it turns out that there were a few technical difficulties.

Jisoo revealed this when she posted this photo on her Instagram story and tagged her manager. She directly called him out for taking a bad photo of her.

Ugh…? Jjongmae Oppa, Why did you like this photo?

— Jisoo

While Jisoo looks stunning and chic either way, unfortunately her manager took the photo when her hair was covering her face! Because of this, Jisoo ended up having to ask Rosé to take her photos instead of her manager.

Thankfully Rosé’s photography skills were superb and these photos ended up on Jisoo’s Instagram. Jisoo made sure to let BLINKs know in the caption that Rosé was the one who took the photos, so no one would think that their manager had great photography skills.

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However BLINKs have pointed out that their manager actually took some great photos of Rosé on the same day! Guess Rosé couldn’t relate to Jisoo’s troubles.

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rosie in paris 🇫🇷

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But it looks like Jisoo’s sassiness didn’t stop her manager from enjoying the sights of Paris too.

Even though BLACKPINK has shot up to international stardom, Jisoo still keeps her sense of humor and affectionate teasing with the people she is closest to. But if you’re going to mess up in front of Jisoo now, she’ll make sure to let the whole world know!