BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Rosé Are Humble Queens With Their Thoughts On The Group’s Immense Success

Most subscribed female artists in the world and yet still so down-to-earth!

BLACKPINK may have reached celebrity stratosphere already but the girls are still as down to earth as ever. During an online press conference for their freshly released album, THE ALBUM, the girls shared their thoughts on their record breaking achievements.

| @blackpinkofficial/Twitter

BLINKs will already know that their pre-release, “How You Like That” created new records in terms of music video with most views in 24 hours and more.  In addition, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel became the 2nd most subscribed artist channel globally late last month, as they surpassed 48 million subscribers.

The humble queen that she is, Rosé shared that every time the girls read news about their latest achievements, they get both fascinated and surprised at it. Despite their long-standing success, the girls still find each new achievement exciting.

Rosé continued that she was happy that the fans are using a variety of means to listen to their music and content. On the other hand, Jisoo shared that this success has allowed the group to work with various global artists and producers. She is immensely grateful for the opportunities as it creates a whole new sound and style for them.

It’s great to see that the girls of BLACKPINK still remain so sweet and humble despite their huge popularity and success!


Source: Kuki News