BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Finally Spotted On The Set Of K-Drama “Snowdrop” For The 1st Time

Four months since shooting started, Jisoo has finally been spotted!

Four months after shooting for JTBC‘s upcoming K-Drama Snowdrop began, lead actress BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has finally been clearly pictured on set.

Back in August last year, Korean media broke the news that Jisoo would finally be making her debut as a lead actress. The BLACKPINK vocalist first got her start with a cameo role as Sae Na Rae in tvN‘s historical fantasy drama Arthdal Chronicles, but Snowdrop will be the first time she takes center stage on screen.

Jisoo in “Arthdal Chronicles” | tvN

Shooting for Snowdrop originally began in late October last year, though it was temporarily halted the following month when a supporting actor came into contact with someone who contracted COVID-19. But despite ongoing filming, fans couldn’t catch a real glimpse of Jisoo on set—until now.

Fan-made “Snowdrop” poster | @kjswonders/Twitter

On February 22, several Korean fans reported seeing Jisoo shooting Snowdrop at Hapcheon Video Theme Park, Korea’s biggest historical drama open set. While they were able to describe her outfit, it initially seemed like no one was able to snap a photo. At first, fans were so desperate to see Eun Young Cho (Jisoo’s character) that they tried Photoshopping her based on the fan descriptions.

Luckily, BLINKs didn’t have to rely on their imaginations for long. Several hours later, a fan finally uploaded Jisoo’s first sighting to social media! As previously described, she wore a beige skirt, black blazer, and red handbag.

Fans were so excited to catch a glimpse of Jisoo with her co-star, Something in the Rain‘s Jung Hae In, their pairing name (“HaeSoo”) quickly began trending worldwide on Twitter. Jisoo herself also made it to the top trends in Malaysia, the U.A.E, Peru, Singapore, India, and more.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Luckily, that wasn’t the only sneak peek to come. Later, the same fan (who has been credited as Kim Jeong In / Neon) blessed everyone with more video clips that showed closer views of Jisoo.

They even managed to snap a photo of Jisoo’s on-set chair, labeled “Actress Kim Jisoo” on the back. The custom seat was gifted to her by fanbase DC BLACKPINK Jisoo Gallery.

| @haesoo_official/Twitter, 김정인 / 네온

Despite the pixelated quality of the videos, BLINKs didn’t take long to start analyzing the scene.

Inspired by the memoir of a man who escaped from a North Korean political prison camp in 1987, Snowdrop follows Eun Young Cho, a cheerful student at a women’s university, as she hides and takes care of a man (Jung Hae In’s character Im Soo Ho) who suddenly rushes into her dormitory one day covered in blood.

Jung Hae In | FNC Entertainment

Based on the clips of Jisoo as well as some sneak peeks of Jung Hae In, fans have theorized that Eun Young Cho is upset in the scene and that Im Soo Ho will present her with an unknown object—perhaps to calm her down.

| @haesoo_official/Twitter, 김정인 / 네온

Technically, this may not be the first time Jisoo was spotted on the Snowdrop set. Back in November, a woman in a red coat was seen filming in a telephone box at Yonsei University. Though Jisoo’s manager was also spotted in the photo, the actress’s face couldn’t be seen to confirm that it was Jisoo herself.

| @rlaqksekfrha2/Twitter

That aside, the only photos fans have seen from Jisoo’s time filming Snowdrop are Instagram updates of her support trucks. Last week, itMICHAA sent Jisoo a food truck to welcome her as the brand’s new model.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Back in December, fellow member Rosé also sent her a truck in support of her acting debut.

| @sooyaaa__/Instagram

As of right now, Snowdrop does not have an official release date, but rumors are speculating it will hit screens in late March or early April this year.


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