BLACKPINK Fans Voice Frustration Over The Absence Of Jisoo’s Solo Debut

All the other members will have solos to perform if they go on tour.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie made her solo debut with the title track “SOLO” in 2018, establishing the precedent for the rest of the BLACKPINK members to make their solo debuts.

But fans had to wait until March 2021 for Rosé to make her solo debut with “On The Ground” and “Gone.”

Fans didn’t have to wait long for Lisa‘s solo debut with “LALISA” and “MONEY,” released in September 2021, just seven months after Rosé’s solo debut.

And while Jisoo made her acting debut with the K-Drama Snowdrop, captivating fans with her acting skills, there haven’t been official updates about her solo debut.

Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Instead, fans got hope about Jisoo’s solo debut happening sometime in 2022 based on a January fansign with the idol.

Fan: Can we anticipate ChuSolo this year?

Jisoo: Oh, of course!

And with rumors of BLACKPINK having a comeback and a tour soon…

Fans are voicing their displeasure that there still haven’t been any recent announcements about Jisoo’s solo debut.

Fans are especially upset that BLACKPINK might go on tour before Jisoo’s solo is released, which would mean the rest of the members could perform their solo songs and Jisoo couldn’t.

And many fans are pointing out how excited Jisoo always seemed about her solo debut.

Still, other fans are referencing BLACKPINK’s recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where Jisoo voiced her concerns about her solo debut.

I’m not sure how much I want to go solo yet.

The music I listen to, the music I can do, and the music I want to do – what should I choose? I love songs with lots of instruments. I love different bands and rock music. What do people want from me? There’s a chaos of conflicting questions.

I love to perform, but I don’t always enjoy being part of the spotlight. I think it’s different for the other members: They love to receive the spotlight, feeling energized by the people who come to see us, and then getting a bit depressed when the stage is over and silence arrives. I’m a little different. When I’m onstage, I think about not making mistakes. Performing sometimes feels more like a test than something genuinely fun.

-Jisoo via Rolling Stone

But many fans believe that the interview was a misrepresentation of Jisoo’s feelings. Suggesting that Jisoo having hesitations about the genre she wants for her solo debut doesn’t mean she isn’t prepared.

Hopefully YG Entertainment will make an official announcement about Jisoo’s solo debut soon.

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