Netizens Think BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Is The Perfect Unnie To Her Fellow Idols, And Here’s The Touching Reason Why

She has a heart of gold 💛

Despite BLACKPINK being one of the few groups not to have a leader, there will always be one member who is always there for the members. As the oldest, Jisoo has been known to ensure that all of her members are taken care of. She has even been called the “mother” of the group.

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo | @sooyaaa__/ Instagram

Yet, despite being pure unnie (older sister) material since debuting, it seems as if Jisoo’s personality has recently caught the attention of netizens. In particular, it seems as if Jisoo is a caring and thoughtful person to everyone that she works with, including her fellow YG Entertainment artists.

Recently, soloist Somi, who is signed under YG’s subsidiary label The Black Label, released her latest single, “XOXO.”

Somi | @somsomi0309/ Instagram

After the release, Somi went on Instagram to share videos of gifts that Jisoo had given her. From a giant lollipop with Jisoo and Somi written on it to some hard candy with the message, “SOMI (heart) SHOONGIE Always supporting you greatly. Please love Somi a lot xoxo.”

| @somsomi0309/ Instagram

When Somi shared the gift, Jisoo didn’t just forget about it but reposted the video and shared more words of support for her fellow artist. Many fans believed that it showcased just how good an older sister Jisoo is: she cares for everyone and ensures that she promotes their work.

| @sooyaaa__/ Instagram

After the video was posted, netizens started sharing other memories of Jisoo, proving just how caring she is for everyone around her. When it comes to her BLACKPINK members, it seems like she is always promoting their work and sharing how proud she is of them.

In particular, when Lisa was releasing “LALISA,” she showcased her love for the song. From being active on the special live broadcast or cheering her on through performances, Jisoo was always there. She even dressed up as Lisa for Halloween, which is true a unnie move.


When Rosé filmed her solo track “On The Ground,” Jisoo came to visit her on the set and couldn’t stop praising her member while she was working. Even back in 2018, when Jennie released “SOLO,” Jisoo visited her on a music show.


Yet, it isn’t even just fellow idols that have showcased just how caring Jisoo is, praising her personality when working with her. The creative director of Dior Peter Philips recently worked with Jisoo for Paris Fashion Week, and he shared just how kind she was.

And then this happened! It was so great to finally meet Jisoo in person, chat about beauty, fashion, performing. She’s the most sweet, funny, clever , generous and hardworking artist. When she enters a room , everything becomes more shiny and colourful! You made last week extra special, and not only for me!

— Peter Philips

| @peterphilipsmakeup/ Instagram

Despite being one of the biggest idols in the world and being busy with her own activities, including her acting debut in Snowdrop, Jisoo continues to showcase her caring personality. It shows why BLINKs worldwide love her so much. Jisoo is always there for her members and those she’s closest to!

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