Viral Dating Show Contestant Known For Resembling BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Makes Surprise Wedding Announcement

Congrats to the couple!

 Yang Na Rae announced that she is getting married!

Yang Na Rae | @nalzzzang/Instagram

On January 31, Yang Na Rae, who was a contestant on the viral dating show I Am Solo, revealed on Instagram that she was getting married.

In her post, the dating show contestant reveals that she is getting married to her fiancé in August.

Because we live in Incheon and Ilsan separately and have a lot of acquaintances in Seoul, we looked for a venue in Seoul. We first were planning on getting married in December, but after pulling up the date, it seems I am getting married in August.

— Yang Na Rae

Yang Na Rae also included photos of herself with her fiancé as well as photos of the couple’s wedding band.


Meanwhile, Yang Na Rae went viral when she appeared on I Am Solo for resembling BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo. In the show, Yang Nae Rae revealed that she graduated from the prestigious Korea University and worked for a credit card company. After the show, it is reported that the influencer is now attending school for traditional medicine.

Source: wikitree