Actress Yoo In Na In Talks For Drama “Snowdrop” Alongside BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

The visuals for “Snowdrop” will be insane.

Snowdrop is slowly rounding out its cast, with BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo, actors Kim Hye Yoon, Jung Yoo Jin and Jang Seung Jo all confirmed for roles. Although Jung Hae In has been cast as the male lead, he is still “considering positively”.

Yoo In Na makes a new addition to the ideal cast, with drama representatives reporting that the popular actress had been offered a role. However, YG Entertainment has responded to media, confirming that although Yoo In Na had been contacted for a role, she is still considering it positively.

| YG Entertainment

Snowdrop is about wartimes, where a bloodied and injured man suddenly enters a female university dorm and a female student treats him, thinking that he is merely a student activist. It is based on the real letters from a man that escaped a North Korean political prison camp.

Not much is known about the drama so far, other than that it is set to air next year. It is also not certain as to who the female lead for Snowdrop is given the big names in the cast currently. Expectations for the drama are high given that it will be written and produced by the team that worked on SKY Castle, one of TVs highest rated dramas.

Source: Newsen