BLACKPINK To Appear On “Knowing Bros” As A Full Team … 5 Moments We Still Can’t Get Over From Their Last Appearance

We know it’ll be just as iconic as their last appearance.

BLACKPINK is set to make a comeback to popular variety show, Knowing Bros. The last time they were on the show, it was a good 3 years ago, when they were promoting for “As If It’s Your Last”.

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jtbc reportedly told media outlets on 5 October 2020 that all the members, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa would be appearing on the episode to be recorded on 8 October. It will be aired 17 October 2020, at 9pm KST.

Remember the last time the girls were on Knowing Bros? They lit up the studio with laughter and awe. Here are 5 moments we still can’t get over from their appearance in back then.

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1. When Jennie served the savage

Upon being asked which city she lived in in New Zealand, she immediately fired back a witty line, asking if the host even knew any cities in New Zealand. Burn.

2. Lisa’s comic dance

How does one pull off both hilarious and skilful at the same time? Although the dances were meant to be comedic, Lisa makes everything look so polished. She calls these dances the “taxi” dance and the “stars catching” dance!

3. When Rosé tried her “box language” out

Rosé shared an adorable reason behind her personal talent. She revealed that she thought about the possibilities of her getting kidnapped, and how to get herself out of that situation. Her solution? Learn how to speak and be understood while one’s mouth is being covered by tape! She developed the “box language” personal skill. Catch her attempt at “box language” below!

4. When we got to know how Jennie and Jisoo became friends

Theirs is a special story! Jennie shared that they got close to each other within just 3 days of meeting. As the girls were training together, they decided to go to a sauna together. Customarily in Korea, these are separated by gender and then usually gone to in the nude. The girls had bared their bodies to each other within just 3 days of meeting! Jennie shared that as they talked about their dreams in the sauna pool, they became closer naturally and became the best of friends henceforth.

5. When Jennie tried and failed to eat snacks silently

The mandu had bragged that one of her skills was eating snacks without making any sound. She was soon given a back of crisps to test out her theory. However, while she failed at the mission, she did gain a whole legion of fans from how cute she was!

We absolutely can’t wait for the 17th to roll around!

Source: Newsen