The Shocking Cost Of BLACKPINK’s Private Plane For Their “BORN PINK” World Tour

“Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane.”

BLACKPINK are currently on their BORN PINK world tour, and fans are loving the high energy the members always bring to the stage.

Previously, BLACKPINK have opened up about the difficulties of going on a world tour, be it what they have to leave behind at home or the exhausting schedule they keep as they travel.

But fans can rest assured that even though they constantly travel, the members do it comfortably. Previously Korean Air announced that they’d signed an agreement with YG Entertainment to sponsor BLACKPINK’s tour.

Korean Air’s new plane featuring BLACKPINK | @koreanairworld/Instagram

As a sponsor, Korean Air provided BLACKPINK “discounted plane tickets and [waived] additional baggage fees for artists and staff.”

Korean Air also shared images of the private plane BLACKPINK were using for their tour, showing off the luxurious inside of the plane.

The inside of the private plane BLACKPINK are using | @koreanairworld/Instagram

Along with customized gifts for the members of BLACKPINK.

| @koreanairworld/Instagram
| @koreanairworld/Instagram

Although BLACKPINK are getting the plane at a discounted rate through the sponsorship, fans were astounded by how much it typically costs to fly in that plane. To use the plane in the first place, users pay for a ₩700 million KRW (about $539,000 USD) yearly membership. Members are then allowed to use the plane for 30 hours for ₩2.90 million KRW (about $2,230 USD) domestically and ₩4.80 million KRW (about $3,700 USD) per hour internationally.

After 30 hours, users must renew their membership for ₩700 million KRW (about $539,000 USD) for another 30 hours.

Fans were impressed by the luxurious way BLACKPINK are traveling, glad that the members were comfortable despite their strenuous schedules.

Source: Naver and Korean Air