BLACKPINK Names What They Will Miss The Most About Home When They Start Their “Born Pink” World Tour, And We Totally Get Them

It’s not easy to be away from home.

BLACKPINK is gearing up for their BORN PINK world tour.

Spanning over 27 dates starting October 15, the girls will have a lot in store for them from 2022 to 2023. They will be visiting countries in Asia, America, Australia, and Europe to perform their BORN PINK album.

In an interview with radio show SiriusXM, the girls talked about what they will miss the most when they are on the road. Though Jennie mentioned “family,” there was another answer that the group as a whole gravitated towards.

Host: What do you miss most when touring?

Jennie: Our family, our pets.

Jisoo and Rosé: Our pets.

Jennie: Our pets, definitely!

When asked about how many pets they all have, Jennie lovingly replied that they have a “BLACKPINK zoo” with Rosé chiming in that they all have dogs. Jisoo has Dalgom, Jennie has Kai and Kuma, Rosé has Hank, and Lisa has Love.

Jisoo’s dog Dalgom | @sooyaaa__/Instagram
Rosé’s dog Hank | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram
Jennie’s dogs Kai (center) and Kuma (right) | @jennierubyjane/Instagram
Lisa’s dog Love | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

The latter was unique insofar as she also has five cats. She introduced them excitedly by saying, “My name starts with L, Lisa, right? So my cats’ names are Leo, Luca, Lily, Louis, Lego, and my dog’s name is Love. It’s the L Family.”

Lisa’s cat Leo | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

The pets unfortunately will not be able to accompany them on tour no matter how much they want them to. The main vocalist answered regretfully that their jampacked schedule which spans over several months would be too tough on animals who thrive on a stable background.

Lisa: Can we bring the pets with us?

Rosé: No, it’s too long. Someone needs to take care of them back at home.

With how much BLACKPINK loves their pets, it’s understandable why they would find it difficult to be separated from them for so long.

Source: YouTube


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