BLACKPINK’s Lisa Just Got Her 5th Kitten & It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Must. Snuggle. Kitten.

The “PETPINK” family is growing once again! Take a look at BLACKPINK Lisa‘s adorable new kitten—the fifth cat in her brood.

Lisa is well-known for being BLACKPINK’s biggest cat lover. While her fellow members all have pet dogs, Lisa has (or rather, had) four cats. Scottish fold Leo, who was named by Rosé, was introduced in April 2018. According to Lisa, Leo is sweet, smart, and great at waking her up in the morning.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Luca, a ragdoll cat, was born in June 2018. Lisa once shared that Luca is not as sensitive as Leo.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Luca also has a daughter—Lisa’s third cat, Lily, who was born in June 2019. Coincidentally, the name of Lily’s mama cat is Jennie. She’s known for her bold nature and close kitty friendship with Luca.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Finally, there’s British shorthair Louis, who was born in August 2019. Lisa revealed she got Louis because Luca and Lily are always together, and it seemed like Leo was lonely without a friend.

Louis with Jennie’s dog, Kuma. | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In an interview with PENSHOPPE last November, Lisa was asked if she was considering getting a fifth cat. The sweet cat mama shared that she finds yellow and orange cats adorable, but that she was good with four cats for now. But just over two months later, it seems that Lisa couldn’t resist her wish.

| Pick A Pitch Music/YouTube

In a surprise Instagram story today, Lisa debuted her fifth cat to BLINKS. Meet her new precious “baby”—Lego!

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Like Louis, Lego appears to be a British shorthair breed. But, while Louis’s coat is a pale gray tabby pattern, Lego has the golden fur Lisa has been dreaming of. As of right now, fans aren’t sure whether Lego is a boy or a girl, but many are assuming the kitty is a male.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram 

Lego’s introduction to the world was only 10 seconds long, but you can already tell the young kitten has a playful and spritely demeanor.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram 

While most BLINKs aren’t surprised that “cat lady” Lisa couldn’t resist getting a new furry friend, many are shocked at how she managed to take care of so many kitties so well given her busy schedules.

Others can’t believe she now has more cats than “Lilidance” videos on YouTube. Maybe Lego’s arrival is a sign that fans can expect a new video in the future.

Plus, there are all those “PETPINK” interactions with Rosé, Jisoo, and Jennie to get excited about.

Soon after Lego’s debut, “Baby Lego” began trending in the Philippines—just like Lily did when Lisa first showed her off on Instagram. The cat also reached Thailand’s top 10 Twitter trends and made it to no.25 worldwide. Just like Lisa, Lego is a born star.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram