BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares Whether She Plans On Getting Another Cat

Lisa currently has 4 cats.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has 4 cats (Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis) who she loves deeply.


During an interview with PENSHOPPE, Lisa got asked if she planned on adopting another cat.


Julian Quintart, the host of the interview, surprised Lisa when he stated the names of Lisa’s cats.


When asked how he memorized their names, Julian Quintart stated that he watched a lot of Lisa’s interviews. He also mentioned how his middle name is “Leonardo” and that he has a friend named “Luca”.


Lisa initially answered the question by stating that she’s good with her 4 cats.


However, Lisa also mentioned that she finds orange cats to be really cute.


Lisa concluded by saying that she doesn’t know if she will adopt another cat.

Lisa: I’m just thinking but might not adopt another cat.

Julian Quintart: Not now?

Lisa: Not now.

Julian Quintart: And then maybe next year, ‘I have 5 cats now’.

Lisa: I don’t know (laughs).

— Conversation between Lisa and Julian Quintart


Here’s the full video below!