BLACKPINK’s Lisa Accidentally Gives The Middle Finger And Her Reaction Is Priceless

From rapper to goofball! 🤣

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is driving fans crazy on the latest leg of the Born Pink world tour.

Lisa (BLACKPINK) @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Upon entering Macau, she wowed fans with her gorgeous visuals in person…

…as well as her sexy dancing!

One of the most viral moments come from a funny mishap that made her break character. In the middle of her rap, she put on a charismatic performance for the camera.

However, at the end, she accidentally put her middle finger up — and quickly realized what she had done!

This hilarious moment of Lisa going from cool charismatic rapper to silly Lalisa shows her duality perfectly!

From different angles, it’s even funnier! It seems she was trying to make a finger heart but got a little confused.

Watch the full video below.


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