BLACKPINK’s Lisa Watches Every One Of This Famous Fashionista’s Videos

What a power duo!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa may be the queen of the dance floor but she also seems to be a stylist fashionista in the making. 


Lisa has recently been attending various fashion shows where she coincidentally met her idol, Korean-American fashion blogger and social media influencer, Aimee Song aka SongOfStyle. 


She initially met Aimee Song at the launch of Mulberry’s new collection in Seoul, South Korea. 


But it seems like fate had other plans for them as they rubbed shoulders once more in New York for Michael Kors!


…And Aimee Song has nothing but kind words for the pop star and shared this post on her personal Instagram account. Turns out Lisa’s a big fan of Aimee just as much as she is of Lisa!

“Lisa made my morning by saying she watches all of my YouTube videos. Also, didn’t even realize it’s possible but she’s prettier and even sweeter in person! 🤗🤗”

— Aimee Song


It seems like Aimee has also fallen in love with Lisa’s sweet personality. A trait that every fan swears by!