BLACKPINK’s Lisa Looks Stunning At The Airport On The Way To CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

Effortlessly beautiful.

While it was reported that BTS‘s V and actor Park Bo Gum would be attending the CELINE fashion show in Paris, of course, CELINE’s original iconic K-Pop muse, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa would also be expected to make an appearance. True to fans’ expectations, Lisa left for Paris on June 24, 2022.

Although she was dressed down for maximum comfort on the flight, she still looked gorgeous.

Her bright and bubbly personality shone through as she smiled for fans and journalists alike.

We’re sure that she shone a ray of sunshine onto everyone at the airport!

Lisa looked excited to be leaving Korea for Paris. She was dressed in a pair of leather pants with a gold accent that matched the hardware on her plush bag.

A casual cropped hoodie rounded out the look. Her blond hair and impeccable proportions made her look like a doll!

We can’t wait to see what she will wear to the actual show over the weekend! Bonne journeé, queen!

Source: theqoo