Lisa’s Teaser Poster For BLACKPINK’s “The Album” Has Been Released, And BLINKs Definitely Aren’t Okay

Her visuals are no joke.

At 9 AM KST on September 24, YG Entertainment released the third in a series of teaser posters for BLACKPINK‘s upcoming album, The Album, and this time it features Lisa!

She’s looking her usual stylish and gorgeous self in a colorful spiky jacket and glittery eye makeup, and of course, fans are loving her visuals.

Unsurprisingly, the teaser had her trending on Twitter!

Since these teaser posters all have “#1” on them, hopefully that means we’ll get even more gorgeous images before the album drops!

Remember that BLACKPINK’s The Album will be coming out on October 2 at 1 PM KST/12 AM EST, so don’t miss out!