BLACKPINK’s Lisa Handles A Wardrobe Malfunction In The Most Skillful Way

“She made it look like it’s part of the choreo.”

BLACKPINK just started their BORN PINK world tour, and fans love everything from the members’ interactions with fans, with each other, and, of course, their jaw-dropping performances.

Lisa is receiving a lot of praise for her first live performances of “MONEY,” which the idol admitted she was as excited about as fans.

And, of course, Lisa brings the same energy, talent, and stage presence to every song on BLACKPINK’s setlist, even when dealing with an outfit mishap.

During BLACKPINK’s performance of their hit song “How You Like That,” Lisa’s jewelry started to fall, getting stuck on her clothes.

Lisa | @lalisahourIy/Twitter 

Without missing a beat, the idol kept performing until the choreography allowed her to grab the jewelry, pulling it off so quickly it looks like a magic trick.

| @lalisahourIy/Twitter 

Even the way Lisa discarded the jewelry, throwing it off stage so it wouldn’t get in the way of their performances, perfectly matched the music, almost making the wardrobe malfunction seem planned.

| @lalisahourIy/Twitter 

Fans were stunned by how effortless and “smooth” the movement was.

Although they also joked about how luxury brand BVLGARI might have felt watching the performance.

There’s no denying that Lisa is an incredibly professional performer who always brings her all to every performance.

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