10+ Must See Moments From BLACKPINK’s First Day Of Their “BORN PINK” World Tour

Totally not crying over #12…

BLACKPINK have just started their highly anticipated world tour, BORN PINK, with their first concert in Seoul. Although BLACKPINK have opened up about what they will most miss about home while they’re touring, there’s no denying that they are excited for the tour as fans are. Lisa had even given fans a hint about what they could expect, promising fans that they would get to see some exciting solo stages from the members.

Here are 13 moments that every BLINK needs to see from the first day of the BORN PINK world tour.

1. Their unreal visuals

Literally every styling decision was perfect.

2. Their insane vocal skills

Their mics were on.

3. Their swearing live

BLINKs have been waiting for this, and apparently Jennie has been too.

4. The styling for “Typa Girl”

Simply perfection.

5. The choreography reveal for “Typa Girl”

Or… Maybe just everything about “Typa Girl” belongs on this list.

6. Rosé’s breathtaking solo stages

We’re certainly “On The Ground.”

7. Jisoo’s incredible cover of Camila Cabello’s “Liar”

Talk about a captivating performance?!

8. Lisa was just as excited to finally perform “MONEY” live as BLINKs were

And she really shattered every possible expectation.

9. Jennie’s unexpected performance of her new song

A true all-rounder.

10. The dearly-missed pink ocean

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of it?

11. The iconic Jennie & Lisa rap

Hearing it live is something else.

12. BLINK’s emotional fan project

We’re always BLINKs cause we never left.”

13. BLACKPINK proving that they’re family

They looked truly happy.

Fans can excitedly look forward to all of the upcoming concerts.

You can read more here.

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