BLACKPINK’s Lisa Looks Drop Dead Gorgeous In Candid Photos From The “BVLGARI Colors Exhibition”

She’s as beautiful in real life as you’d expect!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa came to an event and totally stole the show!

All eyes were on her when she attended the BVLGARI Colors Exhibition in Seoul alongside other famous celebrities. Her beauty was uncontested as she dressed in a black strapless long gown that accentuated her red and silver necklace and bracelet.

She looked stunning in official photos released by Vogue Korea and Rokh, the color red being emphasized in line with the theme of the exhibition.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @voguekorea/Instagram
| @voguekorea/Instagram

As gorgeous as she was in the officially released content, she was equally beautiful in person!

Recent behind-the-scenes pictures showcased Lisa inside the venue looking around the artwork. With her long legs, slim figure, and undeniable charisma, no one could look away!

Lisa behind-the-scenes | @aannaa.cho/Instagram

The candid photo was able to capture her gorgeous real life visuals

| @aannaa.cho/Instagram

The jewelry Lisa viewed came from BVLGARI’s Heritage Collection. They said that it showcases “a compelling anthology of the Brand’s distinctive style from the early 1930s to today.”

| @aannaa.cho/Instagram

Lisa was named a brand ambassador for the luxury jewelry company in 2020. They announced, “As a bold and unparalleled performer and a fashion icon, we thought a modern and trendy image would suit Lisa’s brand identity the best. For that reason, we’ve selected Lisa as our official brand ambassador.”

The BVLGARI Colors Exhibition runs from July 20 to September 15 in the Hangaram Design Museum, Seoul.

Source: Instagram