BLACKPINK’s Lisa Turns A BVLGARI Event In Rome Into Her Own Fanmeeting As Everyone Wants To See The Idol

Lisa was the main event!

BLACKPINK might not be actively promoting any music as a group, but the members have been taking the world by storm and cementing their status as global idols. Three of the members have jetted off to the world’s fashion capital in Paris, France, for various fashion events and beyond during the past few weeks.


In particular, although Paris Fashion Week might have ended, BLACKPINK’s Lisa jetted off to the city to attend events by CELINE. Even on her way to the airport, the idol captured the hearts of fans with her visuals.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @jaylim1/Instagram
| @jaylim1/Instagram

After making her mark in Paris, she traveled to Italy and it seems as if Rome is a certified BLINK.

On March 16, Lisa attended a BVLGARI event as the ambassador by visiting the brand’s store in Rome. As expected, the idol looked stunning, yet it was videos from the event that have really taken over the internet!

Although the event was only small, a huge crowd gathered outside the flagship store. In particular, even CEO Jean-Christophe Babin seemed shocked by the number of fans waiting outside for the idol. He couldn’t help but document what was happening with a camera in hand as they started shouting “LISA!”

| @GIRL0VESICK/ Twitter

Yet, Jean-Christophe Babin soon became BLINKs’ favorite person. After seeing the crowds, rather than telling them to go away, he made sure that Lisa came to see them as he led the idol to the doors to see her adoring fans.

| @RAINB0SE0K/ Twitter
| @RAINB0SE0K/ Twitter   

Of course, Lisa had a huge smile on her face after seeing all the BLINKs and seemed genuinely touched that they’d all come to see her. She waved, blew kisses, and interacted with the fans and it just made the screams even louder.

| @llisabIackpink/ Twittter 

If that wasn’t enough, the fans made sure the idol could feel their love as they started blurting out the lyrics to her debut solo track, “LALISA.” Lisa’s smile was infectious as she realized what they were doing and started dancing along.

| @llisabIackpink/ Twittter

It wasn’t surprising that crowds wanted to showcase their love for the idol, and even the staff couldn’t hide their amazement at the crowds forming outside.

| @Laliliholic/Twitter

Considering the size of the crowds outside the small store, is it any wonder that it was so shocking.

| @lilyproduced/ Twitter 

Yet, it isn’t the first time a BLACKPINK member has taken over a fashion event and made it her own. When Jisoo attended Dior‘s fashion event at the start of the month, netizens were shocked after the idol turned the fashion show into her own concert, with fans flocking to catch a glimpse of her.

| @chartsjisoo/ Twitter   

As always, BLACKPINK has showcased their global influence no matter where they go. With a comeback confirmed at some point this year, hopefully, the group can visit more fans worldwide.

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