BLACKPINK’s Lisa Truly Wows With Her Dazzling Visuals At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

Lisa is truly a “Global Queen!”

Along with the likes of BTS‘s V and Park Bo Gum, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa excited fans when it was announced that she would be attending CELINE’s Paris Fashion Week show.

As an ambassador for the brand, Lisa has always shined at the brand events and BLINKs couldn’t wait to see the idol shine.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

From the very minute Lisa started her journey at the airport to board a private jet, the idol shined with her visuals and charming personality. Even when she posed with the plane, the idol shined in every way.

Even when she got on the private jet, Lisa had dazzling visuals that looked both beautiful and so pure. Although she always has the aura of an idol, she also has this innocence that fans love.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram
| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Since arriving in Paris, it has been no different as Lisa perfectly fits in with the city of fashion, interacting with fans and showcasing her true personality and visuals wherever she went.

Considering the buzz around Lisa on her private schedules, it wasn’t surprising that BLINKs were mostly excited for the main event of the trip, which was the CELINE fashion show. Social media went crazy and were anticipating the idol’s arrival hours before the show started.

Before the show started and the stars made their way to the venue, lucky BLINKs caught sight of Lisa leaving her hotel and the first glimpse of what the idol was wearing.

As expected, Lisa looked flawless, dressed in a two-piece that was simplistic but elegant. The shape of the shorts complimented the idol’s proportions and figures, while the top added that glamor to allow Lisa to stand out.

When she finally arrived at the venue, she was greeted by adoring BLINKs who couldn’t get enough of Lisa’s visuals. As expected, when Lisa stepped out of the car, she wowed with her charm and she couldn’t stop waving and greeting everyone who had waited for her.

| @hupomonax/Twitter

When she came back out with V and Park Bo Gum, she made sure to interact with the fans and even danced along to her solo track “LALISA” when it started playing.

Luckily, it wasn’t long before the close-up images of Lisa started to be revealed, and the idol looked absolutely stunning in an outfit that is truly elegant and sophisticated.

| @ELLEThailand/Twitter
| @ELLEThailand/Twitter

Even as photographers were taking photos and lights were flashing, Lisa remained professional and was the epitome of professionalism and graceful.

| @hidephila/Twitter

Even as the show ended, Lisa was greeted by hundreds of BLINKs screaming encouragement to the idol, and she even seemed shocked by the number of cheers she received when leaving the venue.

Once again, Lisa has showcased her global influence and how respected she is as CELINE’s global ambassador. Throughout the entire event, Lisa not only showcased her dazzling visuals but charming personality and it isn’t surprising why fans love her so much.

You can read more about Lisa’s adventures in Paris below.

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