“Her Participation Is A Show Of Discrimination” — Korean Netizens Are Not Happy With BLACKPINK Lisa’s Performance At The Crazy Horse

The response is negative from Korean audiences.

The first show of the five that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is doing at The Crazy Horse Cabaret in Paris is finally over. She stunned the crowd with an amazingly artistic performance on September 28, 2023. Everyone who attended the show had nothing but praise for the star.

As filming was strictly not allowed, fans were only able to imagine how the show was from the various accounts of actual attendees. According to @QIAN27LISA, Lisa appeared six times. While she was never actually naked, Lisa matched the cabaret team with sexy outfits.

It seems like the most that Lisa showed was herself in a bikini.

She wore modified versions of the show girls’ outfits.

Korean netizens were already disappointed when news first broke out that Lisa would be doing the show. With the first show over, Korean netizens are abuzz with their opinions. Some felt that while the show claimed to be about empowering women, it served to discriminate between the show girls who had to strip, versus Lisa, a famous and rich pop star, who had the option to cover up.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Can’t believe she’s promoting a real strip show that shows nipples. There are so many fans who are minors. What a great influence for them. They said such shows are common in Thailand. In the future, I hope she removes her K-Pop title and just promotes as a Thai person.
  • I wonder why she just has to commercialize herself sexually, acting as a part of the strip show, when she’s so successful already.
  • She covered all the important bits while she wants to stand as part of the same show. And they said it’s an artistic show… Isn’t this so contradictory?
  • They said they’re showing women’s freedom by stripping, but the women with true power and capabilities don’t take their clothes off. It’s so funny because it’s true in the end that power is not stripping. I read this somewhere and am sharing it here because I agree.
  • An Asian woman who hit the top as an idol, is ultimately participating in a strip show. And even in the strip show, there’s a divide between how those with money and fame strip less, and those who don’t who strip more. The entire thing is disgusting.
  • Why is BLACKPINK’s direction turning to exposure when they’ve hit the top? Jennie and Lisa too, I don’t get it.
Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • If she’s going to do it, she should do it properly. If it’s artistic and nothing to be ashamed of, why is she the only one different? As the one participating in this experience, she knows the essence of the show, and that’s why she covered up. They try to package it as art or whatever, but it’s actually a strip show and it’s selling sex. She’s promoting that effectively.
  • Why should we praise her? What did she do good?
  • Is she dumb? Disappointing.
  • The reactions aren’t good…
  • If it’s such great art, she should’ve just stripped it all. She’s basically saying she’s different from the other dancers.
  • How she’s using her position and influence to not strip at a strip show…
  • She’s wearing a bra and panties…

You can read more about how the show went below.

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Source: theqoo