Cute Or Sexy? BLACKPINK’s Lisa Can Do Both

She reveals when she’s at her cutest and sexiest!

There’s nothing BLACKPINK‘s Lisa can’t do! Shifting from adorable to super cool in the blink of an eye, one of her many talents is her insane duality.

Lisa shares that it’s actually her hair that can help her give off different impressions. With short hair, Lisa described herself with a baby emoji.

I’m told that I look younger when I have shorter hair.

— Lisa

With short hair, Lisa’s pure and innocent charms are even more apparent.

More attentions is drawn to her big, doll-like eyes, emphasizing her cutesy and feminine appearance.

With any hair color and a shorter style, she gives off a sweet and fresh vibe!

However, according to herself, her long hair is the complete opposite! If you want hot and sexy Lisa, long hair is a must.

You’ll make this face when you see me with long hair!

— Lisa

With long hair, Lisa’s sexy and cool charisma shines!

Perfect for the stage or anywhere she wants to make a statement, her badass aura steals the attention of everyone in the room.

Be careful, BLINK: When Lisa knows she’s hot, things can get dangerous!

Check out the full interview below!