BLACKPINK Lisa’s Dog Made A Special Appearance In “Shut Down” Music Video—Here’s Why He Was A Certified Good Boy

Love is too precious!

BLACKPINK released their new title track, “Shut Down,” on September 16 to positive reviews.

Fans agreed that its music video had many jaw-dropping moments including references to their old music videos since 2016. The girls each filmed the new song in similar looking sets, costumes, and camera angles as their former title tracks.

One thing about it, however, was definitely new—Lisa had an ultra-special partner during her solo scene!

The BLACKPINK dancer was accompanied by none other than her dog, Love, who appeared in the first verse at around the 30-second mark.

Like the good boy that he is, he sat beside his owner obediently while she held his leash. It was a reference to her rap lyrics, “The leash on your neck is mine.”


Amusingly, their demeanors were completely opposite of each other. Lisa was as charismatic as the song demanded while Love couldn’t keep a straight face!


He did not look afraid or shy at all when facing the many cameras before him, the filming crew filled with strangers, and the intense lighting. Rather, he seemed animated with his bright eye smile as an indicator.


The cute dog even turned to Lisa in the middle of her rap and let out a bark. It was not unlike he was asking how much longer the filming would take!

Still, he sat down patiently and protectively over his hooman while she worked.

Love is a male Doberman dog who is around one and and a half years old, having been introduced to BLINKs as a four to five month old puppy last year.

Love in September 2021 | @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

Throughout his many public appearances by Lisa’s side, he affirmed that Dobermans are not what some people mistake them to be: aggressive and scary. Instead, he was always a cuddly and sweet dog who liked to be next to his owner.

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

| @lalala_lfamily/Instagram

His smiling appearance in the “Shut Down” music video proved this once more!


Source: YouTube and Instagram