BLACKPINK’s Lisa Once Doubted Her Singing Abilities So Much, She Cried In The Recording Studio

Here’s how she regained her confidence.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa recently sat down for a one-on-one interview with Rolling Stone where she talked about her past, present, and future.


In one particularly moving part, she revealed that there was a point in her career when she lost her confidence as an artist.

That whole year between ‘As If It’s Your Last’ [2017] and ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ [2018] was rough for me.

— Lisa

Lisa in “As If It’s Your Last” (Left) and “DDU-DU DDU-DU” (Right)

The reason why she felt this way was because of her problems with singing. Lisa is the group’s main dancer and lead rapper, and she did not usually have vocal lines in the earlier part of her career. BLACKPINK’s main producer, Teddy, wanted to change this prior to the release of their EP Square Up.

In the past, I used to only rap. One day, he told me to try vocals. But I’m so bad at singing.

— Lisa

She noted that “there was a time when [she] was really bad” at it. When the BLACKPINK member entered the recording studio, she could not bring herself to sing. Crying was not unusual for her due to her own disappointment.

When I went to the studio to record, nothing came out. I cried. I felt like I was bringing the team down.

— Lisa

The one that brought Lisa out of this situation was none other than Teddy, BLACKPINK’s main producer. He has been in charge of the group’s hit songs and musical direction since pre-debut.

Oppa knows how to speak to me, and I understand him. And then he pushes so hard. He’d say, ‘Again, again, again. A little more, a little prettier.’

— Lisa

BLACKPINK and Teddy | Netflix

His tough love helped her overcome her doubts. Because Lisa kept trying until she made it, she felt “more confident” in her abilities.

Oppa pushed me hard: ‘You can’t? No. Try harder. Go back in there.’ Because of Teddy, I overcame that time. I feel a little more confident about singing now.

— Lisa

Lisa was soon able to prove that she can sing outstandingly!

Source: Rolling Stone