BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shocks Fans With Her Unexpected Global Influence — All Because Of An Endangered Plant

Here’s everything you need to know about the new plant!

BLACKPINK Lisa‘s recently showcased her influence after being the inspiration behind a new species of plant.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagran

Since debuting, Lisa has always gained attention for being a special talent, showcasing singing, dancing, and rapping skills, and having amazing visuals and personality.


It seems like Lisa’s popularity and influence on fans are so great that a BLINK recently named a rare and endangered species of plant that was recently discovered after the idol.

Since debuting as a K-Pop idol, Lisa has always showcased pride in her Thai heritage.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

In an article posted by a Thai media outlet, it was reported that a project associated with the Department of Biology at Chiang Mai University in Thailand who were looking into the Annonaceae plants in the Narathiwat Province.

According to the article, the team discovered a plant in Narathiwat Province, and it was considered a new type of the world’s rarest plant that was at risk of extinction. It explained that the scientific name they had given the plant was “Friesodielsia lalisae Damth., Baka & Chaowasku.”

Yet, it was revealed that one student’s love of Lisa and the fact that the idol’s determination had inspired her, making the nickname of the plant “Bunga (Flower of) Lalisa.”

The flower named after Lisa | ThaiPBS
| ThaiPBS

When the news was released, netizens couldn’t get over the fact that Lisa’s influence is so huge that she’s even having rare plants named after her. Also, with everything BLACKPINK has coming up and planned, such as Coachella, the members seem to be showcasing their dominance.

If it wasn’t cute enough, the fact that member Jisoo released a song called “FLOWER” proves that BLACKPINK is truly special and embodies the beauty of the plant.

Jisoo’s music video for “FLOWER” | BLACKPINK/YouTube 

Lisa always showcases pride in her Thai heritage, and it seems like Thai people also want a way to showcase their love and appreciation for the idol. It is also fitting that such a rare and special plant is named after Lisa, as many believe her talent, visuals, and charm are also unique and rare.

Source: thaipbs