BLACKPINK’s Lisa Unexpectedly Mentions Her “Military” Experience During A “BORN PINK” Show

“…so suddenly.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa unexpectedly mentioned her “military” experience during the group’s footage from their recent BORN PINK show.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

On September 29, BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel released new footage from the group’s BORN PINK shows.

During the video, Lisa explained that during their previous show, all the members had their hair tied up because it was so hot.

Although it was still hot, Lisa pointed out that she had kept her hair down and that the members kept asking her if she was okay, as it definitely would’ve been hard to perform.

Lisa knew that she might regret it mid-way through, but had the iconic reaction of just wanting to try it…

Saying it would test her endurance.

Lisa then unexpectedly brought up her “Military” experience and even surprised herself as she started bringing it up.

The idol then spoke about her time in 40-degree heat and other experiences while she was in the “Military.” Lisa then added how it all would help her be able to perform in such a high heat with her hair down.

Of course, Lisa was on the show Real Men 300, which is a South Korean reality program featuring male and female celebrities as they experience life in the military.

During the show, Lisa did military-style training, which was what she alluded to in the recent video.

When the video came out, BLINKs shared their reactions to Lisa’s blast from the past.

As always, Lisa uses every experience she has to better herself.