BLACKPINK’s Lisa Asked ‘Successful Fangirl’ Esther Yu For Her Number, and Esther Freaked Out

Who wouldn’t want Lisa’s number?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa reprised her role as the dance mentor of Youth With You in their third season. Besides showing off her dance skills, she also gained popularity for her chemistry with the trainees and her advice to them.

Back in Season 2, one participant who stood out was THE9‘s Esther Yu. Although she already had a sizeable fanbase, she was still star-studded by Lisa. In fact, the normally talkative girl was almost speechless in her presence!

Over a year has passed since then but her love for the BLACKPINK dancer hasn’t diminished one bit. This time, they met each other as fellow mentors, with Esther taking over as a youth mentor.

Esther Yu is the youth mentor of “Youth With You 3”

When it was time to close up for the day, Lisa couldn’t help but tell her, “Esther, I miss you!” Naturally, Esther freaked out!

Really?! I really, really miss you!

— Esther Yu

Lisa then asked for her phone number so that they could contact each other even after work. Esther was so stunned that she unknowingly began reciting it in front of everyone.

Lisa: Give me your number.

Esther: Really? 1, 3, 1, 2, 8…

Luckily, she stopped herself midway, and everyone burst out into laughter.

Hold on, I’ll tell you in private.

— Esther

This wasn’t the end of their interaction, however, as Esther’s consolation prize was to add Lisa as a friend on the social media app WeChat.

Lisa told her, “You can text me anytime!”

Esther’s definitely a successful fangirl! Check out the full video below.