BLACKPINK’s Lisa Exposes The Reality Of Her Frequent Hair Color Changes

Lisa gives fans a realistic look at the condition of her hair.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is back with another LILI’s FILM vlog, and this time she takes fans behind the scenes of her recent fashion events in Paris.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa in Paris | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Lisa gave fans a peek at the creation of two of her recent iconic fashion show styles, including the look behind the CELINE event that broke the internet.

BTS’s V (left), BLACKPINK’s Lisa (center), actor Park Bo Gum (right) at a CELINE event in Paris| @kooktea07/Twitter

The video began with Lisa preparing for BVLGARI‘s Eden, The Garden of Wonders jewelry collection event.

She shared that fans thought her last vlog was too short, so she turned her camera on despite her not being fully ready so that the new vlog would be longer. While getting ready, she contemplated whether or not to switch up her signature blunt fringe bangs for the event.

While her hair was styled, she told the story of a fan who once asked her at the airport why her hair wasn’t growing, which surprised Lisa because she hadn’t cut it. She said she had actually been trying to grow her hair out.

Later in the vlog, she did cut her hair to fit the “rock” concept of her outfit for the CELINE Paris fashion show.

While the haircut fit the “rock” concept she was going for, Lisa revealed it was also for another reason. She opened up to fans and shared that her hair has become very damaged from the frequent bleaching and hairstyle changes she’s had, which has contributed to its slower growth rate.

While K-Pop idols like Lisa are frequently pictured with glossy, perfect hair, Lisa offered a realistic view of what her hair’s condition was like without products. This is not the first time she’s shed light on the issue. She had discussed the damage to her hair in a previous LILI’s FILM vlog, where she showed viewers how her hair had been damaged from her peekaboo highlights during BLACKPINK’s “Lovesick Girls” promotions.

Lisa’s hair during the “Lovesick Girls” era | @milkylisapics/Twitter

Lisa showed the damaged portion of her hair in her previous vlog | Lilifilm Official/YouTube

Lisa pouted as she pointed out where her hair had broken off but looked forward to the new haircut to help her hair grow and become healthier.

She looked amazing in her new, trendy wolf cut, which she later styled with hair extensions for the CELINE event.

Lisa before the CELINE Paris show | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

While frequently changing hairstyles and colors gives idols a fresh, new look, it also has damaging effects. Lisa looks incredible no matter what, so hopefully, she’ll be able to work on restoring her healthy hair.

Check out the full video of her Paris adventures below!