BTS’s V, BLACKPINK’s Lisa, And Park Bo Gum Shut Down All Fan Wars With Their Interactions At CELINE’s Paris Fashion Show

They symbolically stuck a middle finger up at those wanting to cause drama!

One of the hottest pieces of news to come out during the past few days is the appearance of BTS‘s V, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa, and actor Park Bo Gum in Paris for the CELINE Paris Fashion Week show. Although it seemed like an odd combination, they are three of the biggest stars in Korean entertainment.

From the minute they arrived at the airport to go to Paris on a private jet, the three celebrities shined.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa at the airport
BTS’s V at the airport
Park Bo Gum at the airport

Although BTS’s V and Park Bo Gum are well-known friends, there has always been a perceived rivalry between BLACKPINK and BTS. Yet, from the minute they landed in Paris, it seems like the two idols were determined to showcase that it couldn’t be further from the truth.

They started by both posting similar selfies in front of the private plane, and it truly defined the word “Expensive.”

BTS’s V in front of the private jet | @thv/Instagram
BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalisa_m/Instagram

Well, if that wasn’t cute enough, the interactions just kept on coming as the trio landed in Paris and started their schedules. One of the first instances that made netizens’ hearts swell was after the trio arrived at the hotel.

As the rules for fan interactions are usually stricter for idols than actors, Park Bo Gum risked his own safety to collect letters and gifts for both Lisa and V as they were all leaving the hotel.

Even when they all arrived at the CELINE store ahead a few days before the show, netizens couldn’t believe it when they saw the two idols chatting before they all left.

Yet, the star moment was the CELINE fashion show itself as the interactions just kept on coming.

One of the moments that stood out the most was when Lisa’s track “LALISA” came on. As expected, the BLACKPINK singer couldn’t help but dance along to her song but V also seemed to be dancing along to the track with a huge smile on his face.

Some even gushed as a video was posted where it looked like Lisa was referring to V as “Oppa,” meaning that the two were on much less formal terms.

They were definitely single-handedly shutting down fan wars with their interactions throughout the event, even when it looked like they were gossiping.

| @azzyiv/Twitter

Of course, even though fans kept talking about Lisa and V, Park Bo Gum was also a huge part of the event. In particular, Lisa showcased her true personality while they were taking pictures as she ensured that the actor was in the photo clearly by motioning him to come closer.

All of these shots had been of low quality, but the media and fans soon came through with some of the most dazzling photos of the trio ever. With their looks, charisma, and talent, it just seems too much for a single frame.

Even in black and white, the trio proved to be truly iconic…

| @popbee/Instagram

As the evening ended and the trio made their way to the afterparty, V proved to be a true gentleman as he waited for both Lisa and Park Bo Gum to arrive so that the security team could escort them all together.

As three of the biggest Korean stars in the world, Lisa, V, and Park Bo Gum truly proved that everyone in the industry is so supportive of each other. In an industry where everyone assumes there are rivalries, these interactions have come as a breath of fresh air, proving that it isn’t as cutthroat as people expect.

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