Actor Park Bo Gum Goes Viral For His Kindness Towards BTS’s V And BLACKPINK’s Lisa, But Fans Are Concerned About All Of Their Safety

Fans were frustrated by the situation.

Actor Park Bo Gum, BTS‘s V, and BLACKPINK‘s Lisa all recently traveled to Paris for the upcoming CELINE fashion show.

All three celebrities stunned fans with their incredible visuals at the airport.

Park Bo Gum

And both V and Lisa took some iconic photos on the plane ride.

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V has even already shared some of his adventures since landing in Paris, taking incredibly aesthetic photos to share with fans.

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| @thv/Instagram

Actor Park Bo Gum has also recently gone viral for his incredible kindness towards V and Lisa.

In multiple clips, Park Bo Gum receives letters on behalf of V and Lisa, making sure to give them to the idols.

Fans are praising the actor for his kindness.

Especially since the letters weren’t for him, but he made an active effort to receive them anyway.

Fans are hoping to continue seeing more interactions between the three celebrities.

But while fans are understandably praising Park Bo Gum, many fans are actually feeling concerned about the clips. Not because of the actor’s kindness, but because of the fans in the video.

Fans believe that these clips mean that fans were waiting outside of the hotel to try and see Park Bo Gum, V, and Lisa. Which is an invasion of their privacy and leads to concerns about their safety.

Some fans are even arguing that V intentionally ignored the fans to not encourage their behavior.

While Park Bo Gum’s amazing personality is undeniable, hopefully, fans will stop encroaching on idols’ private lives.