BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has Fans Squealing Over An Adorable Gif Of Her Giant Smile

“She’s really cute, her duality is crazy.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has been in the news a lot lately due to her performance at Crazy Horse. While there was some controversy to the risqué nature of many of the shows at the venue, those who got to see Lisa’s performance had nothing but praise for her, and fans were excited to see her get such a fun and unique opportunity.

Because of this performance, Lisa’s sexiness has been the focus for a majority of the conversations about her lately. But one recent forum post positively speaking about the BLACKPINK member had a completely different vibe!


Apparently during a videocall with a fan, the fan requested for Lisa to smile brightly since so many pictures of her lately have been on the more serious side, and they wanted a photo of Lisa smiling to use as a profile picture.


The BLACKPINK maknae was happy to oblige, which resulted in this adorable gif!

The gif alone was enough to spark the forum post, where netizens left tons of comments fawning over Lisa’s gorgeous smile.

Lisa really is a queen of duality!

Source: Pann Nate and Pann Choa