BLACKPINK’s Lisa Proves She’s A Fashionista Even In The Gaming World

She knew all the popular trends without being a gamer.

Whether BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is gracing the covers of magazines or stepping on stage for a performance, she always looks fashionable.

Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Proving why Lisa is such a sought-after brand ambassador, she flexed her knowledge of the latest fashion trends, even in gaming.

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

For the group’s collaboration with the game MapleStory, the members spent three rounds choosing an outfit to find out if it was the players’ top choice. Lisa effortlessly passed the first round by selecting an outfit in a magician’s style that players would enjoy.

The second round was also a breeze for Lisa, who was the only one who chose correctly. She pinpointed how a dangling key chain on an outfit made the player look cute and gave them a popular floating ability.

Even in the last round, Lisa took the ultimate win by using her fashionista instincts to choose the number one outfit that players voted on.

Between the digital and real world, Lisa’s fashion instincts are always on point.


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