BLACKPINK’s Lisa Finally Reveals Her Forehead With A No-Bangs Look

The long-awaited moment is finally here, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Since the very first day that BLACKPINK debuted, Lisa has always sported bangs as her signature look, no matter what color her hair was dyed. Her bangs have even earned the title of being unshakeable from always remaining perfectly in place.


After rocking the look for many years, she’s finally decided to opt for a change in style.

While on her way to China for her mentoring role on Youth With You 2, Lisa teased fans at the airport by covering her forehead, hiding the big surprise for just a few moments of anticipation.

After removing the barrier, Lisa looked just as beautiful as ever. With her bangs parted to the side, Lisa finally debuted her forehead for all to see. The simple change made the ultimate difference, brightening her face.

The new hairstyle even complements her fashion, making her appear even more mature and chic. Of course, there was no way the look didn’t go unnoticed by fans.

BLINKs had been waiting to see her forehead for so long that they trended the hashtag “LalisaMaNoBang,” a clever play on words from her full name Lalisa Manoban.

When Lisa stated she would eventually move on from her bangs, after Jisoo‘s reminder of her past promise that she would, she was indeed telling the truth. Even without them, Lisa looks absolutely stunning. Were you excited about the new look?