BLACKPINK’s Lisa And GOT7’s BamBam Will Be Reuniting Soon And Fans Are Freaking Out

Everyone is already gearing up for some awesome interactions:

Last year, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa and GOT7‘s BamBam gave everyone the best friend content they’d been craving when they attended the 30th anniversary of AIS in Thailand. At the event, they claimed everyone’s heart with their interactions.

Ever since their reunion, fans have been wondering when they’d get the chance to see the friends reunite once again and it looks like it could be very soon!

On February 20, AIS mysteriously tweeted out, “ARE YOU READY? THE FUTURE IS COMING FOR YOU.” While the bold tweet was certainly enough to gain attention, that wasn’t the only reason. Included in the tweet was the hashtag #AIS5GxBAMBAMLISA along with a picture highlighting the tag.

BamBam and Lisa are well-known for being childhood friends. They were on the same dance crew back in Thailand and have been friends for over 12 years now, so seeing their names together in the tweet has certainly been piquing everyone’s curiosity. Furthermore, BamBam also leveled up the curiosity as he was spotted retweeting the post!

While it’s still unknown what AIS has up their sleeves as they haven’t released any further details, it’s believed that it means the two besties will either have some kind of collaboration for AIS or will have a special event together.

Regardless of what they have planned, excitement is already running high as fans recall the their last reunion and think about all the possibilities for the next!