Here’s Why Even YGX Dancers Are Amazed By BLACKPINK’s Close-Knit Friendship

It all happened on the set of Lisa’s “LALISA” music video.

BLACKPINK‘s supportive friendship goes beyond what fans see on screen. Like true sisters, they would do anything for each other!

The YGX Dancers took special note of this during the filming of Lisa‘s solo debut music video, “LALISA.”

They were impressed with all of the BLACKPINK members’ support who lent their precious time to being by Lisa’s side during the video shoot.

The shoot lasted through the night and ended in the morning. However, the BLACKPINK members continued to support Lisa by her side the entire time!

I thought they would leave when it was 4 AM. We were shooting restlessly until 9 AM and they were still there!

Their undying support for Lisa shows how much the girls want to see each other succeed and support them in all of their activities.

However, their time, energy, and love weren’t the only things they gifted Lisa with on that day!

A special gift was sent by Rosé

…in the form of a coffee truck! Providing snacks and beverages for everyone on set, the thoughtful gift left an impact on everyone involved.

Check out the full clip of the YGX dancers discussing BLACKPINK below.