BLACKPINK’s Lisa Just Ditched Her Date With Jisoo For An Iconic Reason

Lisa is the chaotic friend. 🤣

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo just released her Berlin vlog, showcasing all of the tourist destinations and attractions she enjoyed while touring in the city.

One of the highlights of her vlog was her mouthwatering food choices, such as hot pot…

…and delicious ice cream!

Another highlight included the people she met up with in her vlog. First, she met her parents who explored places such as the Berlin Wall together…

…but they were off in their own world taking selfies!

Jisoo also met up with Jennie to shop around the iconic Christmas Market.

Lastly, Jisoo spent some quality time with Lisa, but her plans soon took a sharp turn! First, they started the day with some shopping and munching on desserts.

This is a department store in Berlin. I just did some shopping with Lisa up until now and had some desserts like this.

— Jisoo

However, an important event was happening this day and Lisa just couldn’t miss it! Because of this, she left Jisoo.

The film Avatar 2 was released today so she left me behind like this and went to see the movie! *Laughing*

— Jisoo

As a movie lover, Lisa has her priorities set!

Check out the full vlog below!


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