Korean Netizens React To News Of BLACKPINK Members Reportedly Leaving YG Entertainment

“I mean, it’s not like YG was releasing their albums either…”

Korean netizens reacted to reports stating that Rosé will be the only BLACKPINK member to remain with YG Entertainment.

Rosé | @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

On September 21, news outlet Sports Seoul reported that Jennie, Jisoo, and Lisa would be leaving YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, Jisoo, And Lisa Will Reportedly Leave YG Entertainment

According to the report, BLACKPINK’s Rosé will be the only member to re-sign with the storied label. The news outlet also reported that although the three members leaving will be signing with a different label, hope remains that BLACKPINK members will be able to promote together.

The news follows months of speculation and a recent report stating that Lisa has rejected not one but two offers from YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reportedly Rumored To Have Rejected YG Entertainment’s Contract Offer Worth Around $40 Million

Korean netizens reacted to the news, with many wondering about the future of the BLACKPINK members and where they might sign.

  • “I think it will be hard for them to get together ㅠ. I mean, it’s not like YG was releasing their albums either.”
  • “So Rosé is the only one remaining in YG, and the other three members will all go to different labels, right?”
  • “Good luck Lisa!”
  • “They may be able to promote separately, but group promotions are going to be even more difficult if they sign with different labels.”
  • “Lisa ㅠㅠ. Promise me you will go somewhere better!”
  • “Oh, Jisoo, I wonder where she is going.”
  • “They didn’t promote together much, even when they were in YG. I wonder if they will promote together if they are in different labels.”
  • “I think Lisa is going to be an international celebrity.”
  • “If they agreed to promote six months out of the year together, then the group is still together. I thought all the other members besides Lisa would renew their contract, but I guess not.”
  • “That’s right. I knew the news would come out once someone signs.”

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment denied the articles and stated that they were still negotiating.

Source: theqoo