BLACKPINK’s Lisa Asks Jisoo For A Solo Debut Spoiler And Gets An Unexpected Response

“Lisa’s on our side” 😂

BLACKPINK recently returned to the stage for their BORN PINK tour, kicking off one of two nights in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

(From left to right) BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé | @kimjisooooblink_/Twitter

The group returned after a six-day break between their Jakarta, Indonesia, shows and their stop in Kaohsiung.

The four talented members charmed BLINKs with their sweet personalities, impressive stages, and new outfits.

As with all of their shows, the members had numerous fun interactions with the crowd. The group expertly provided fan service, from answering fans’ questions to responding to fanmade signs and posing for photos.

One popular question BLINKs have had on tour is when BLACKPINK’s Jisoo would make her solo debut.

RoséJennie, and Lisa have all released solo music, which they perform during their solo stages on tour. BLINKs expressed frustration that Jisoo had to perform another artist’s song for her solo stage since she hasn’t made her solo debut yet.

BLACKPINK Fans Voice Frustration Over The Absence Of Jisoo’s Solo Debut

Jisoo provided a few brief updates to fans through their after-concert send-offs and through Weverse, promising in December that her solo debut would be soon.

It was finally confirmed on March 6 that she’d be making her solo debut at the end of the month, and she has since released a visual teaser for the upcoming single album, ME.

After seven years, BLINKs are highly anticipating Jisoo’s solo debut and have understandably been asking for spoilers before the release date.

While Jisoo was performing during BORN PINK‘s first night in Kaohsiung, one BLINK, in particular, was eager to ask Jisoo for a spoiler, fellow member Lisa!

Lisa called out and asked Jisoo for one spoiler, and the oldest member obliged, turning her back to the audience before looking over her shoulder and making a shushing pose.

BLINKs responded to Jisoo hilariously dodging the request, while others wondered if the pose was actually part of her solo debut song’s choreography.

BLINKs also noticed an OT4 moment that revealed new choreography, which left many wondering if it was another potential spoiler for Jisoo’s solo debut.

Whether the moves were actually spoilers for Jisoo’s solo debut or not, the talented BLACKPINK member is certainly keeping BLINKs on their toes!

Check out more about Jisoo’s solo debut in the article below!

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Confirms Solo Debut Release Date


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