BLACKPINK Lisa And Jisoo’s Full Visit To Somi’s MV Set Was Revealed, And They’re The BEST Hype Buddies Ever

Their friendship is precious.

When it comes to friendship, BLACKPINK and Somi are undoubtedly close! One time they showed their affection was when Lisa kept her promise to visit the younger artist on the set of her music video for “What You Waiting For”.

Although THE BLACK LABEL previously showed a short clip of this visit, they recently released a longer version in the special episode of I AM SOMI.

It was revealed that Lisa brought along Jisoo for the surprise visit. They sneaked into the set when Somi was filming one of the earlier scenes of the music video. The two BLACKPINK members excitedly greeted Teddy and the camera that was filming their appearance.

Lisa confirmed the reason she was there was to support their friend while Jisoo was simply interested.

Lisa: I told her I will come, so… I’m here.

Jisoo: I came because I was so curious.

The moment they revealed themselves to Somi, she visibly showed her surprise and pleasure at their visit.

When Lisa stated that she “really came”, Somi was so moved that she could only say, “Thank you!” Jisoo called her fellow member “Loyalisa” as a result.

BLACKPINK’s vocalist hilariously called the younger idols “Animal Crossing friends” in reference to their favorite game. In fact, the trio are friends with each other not only in real life, but also in the server!

Like the friends they are, they eased Somi’s tension by taking photos with her and getting her mind off the pressuring atmosphere.

Since they were also the best hype buddies one can ask for, they pretended to be Somi’s photographers who couldn’t get enough of her visuals.

Sexy, sexy! Great!

— Jisoo and Lisa

It was undoubtedly a successful visit from the BLACKPINK members!

Cheer up, cheer up. Fighting!

— Jisoo

Check out their closest moments below!

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