WINNER’s HOONY Still “Owes” BLACKPINK’s Lisa Money, And She Wants It Now

They’re hilarious 🤣

BLACKPINK and WINNER have the most precious friendship!

Last February, Lisa and HOONY (Seunghoon) filmed several videos together that proved their dual main dancer titles. For the first one, they covered the former’s hit B-side track “MONEY.”

They were praised for their incredible charisma, chemistry, and dance skills.

They also danced to Aaron Smith‘s “Dancin”…

…and they even had a special Rosé appearance at the end of their “Woman” (by Doja Cat) cover.

Lisa touched on their collaborations in a recent live broadcast with Rosé.

I recorded a TikTok with Seunghoon from WINNER.

— Lisa

She recalled one of their conversations prior to filming. Here, she asked him to pay her an appearance fee of ₩2.00 billion KRW (about $1.53 million USD) for the short videos.

I told him to pay me 2 billion KRW.

— Lisa

Lisa joked that until now, HOONY still hasn’t transferred the payment to her.

But he still hasn’t paid me.

— Lisa

She laughingly sent a message to him through the broadcast to reimburse her soon.

Please transfer it to me!

— Lisa

Following her story, Rosé also joked that she will only do solo videos from now on. This way, she’d be able to avoid the hassle of any similar non-payment.

I guess I need to do it alone, TikTok.

— Rosé

Source: Twitter