BLACKPINK’s Lisa Blew A Kiss To One “Youth With You 3” Trainee—And Everyone Was Totally Jealous

He’s a lucky guy!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa reprised her role as a dance mentor in the third season of Youth With You. It’s only been a week since the first episode aired but she’s already had many memorable moments. From her jaw-dropping performances to her fun interaction with the trainees, she’s a hit!

In fact, the trainees couldn’t help but fall in love with Lisa even more with each passing comment. The latest person who gained Lisa’s approval was Dow who specialized in dancing.

She was especially impressed when he copied her iconic “Pon Jantapon” dance move from JTBC‘s Knowing Bros.

After watching Dow’s stage, Lisa praised his mastery of the basics.

So good! I can see that you’ve got great basic skills.

— Lisa

He responded happily to her comments, and he couldn’t help but proclaim, “I love you!”

As soon as Lisa heard that, she blew a kiss in Dow’s direction! He, of course, freaked out.

Everyone else in the audience couldn’t contain their jealousy at the once in a lifetime interaction!

Some exclaimed, “Why not me?” and one even joked, “Where’s my blade?”

Who wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a kiss from Lisa?

Check out the full clip below!