Here’s Why BLACKPINK Lisa’s First Time In Korea Makes Her Laugh Now

Many fans might not know this!

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa discussed a variety of topics from learning Korean to her massive Instagram following. However, something many fans wanted to know is all about her very first time arriving in Korea.

Lisa revealed the first time she ever went to Korea was in her early teenage years.

On a family trip with her parents and family, she was able to witness Korean culture in person for the first time.

However, recalling one embarrassing detail made her laugh!

I had super short hair like a boy!

— Lisa

Nowadays, Lisa’s style is more “girly” and coincides with the luxurious concept of BLACKPINK. However, back then, she was a total tomboy!

| @lalisaarchive/Twitter

Though there aren’t many photos of Lisa with short hair, she proves she still looks super cute with it! Check out more of her predebut look below.

| @lalisaarchive/Twitter
| @lalisaarchive/Twitter
| @lalisaarchive/Twitter

Check out the full interview below where she discusses more of her “firsts.”