This Is How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Decides Which Dance Moves To Use For Her Solo Music

She revealed the collaborative process.

Ever wondered how BLACKPINK Lisa‘s choreography goes from an idea in her head to a reality on stage? In a recent interview on the Zach Sang Show, she revealed the process from start to finish.

Lisa’s creativity flows best when she’s comfortable and confident. She shared that YG Entertainment producer Teddy helps create that atmosphere during recording where she isn’t afraid to let loose and dance around.

When the song brings choreography ideas to her mind during recording, you know it will be good!

Lisa admits she can’t help but get ideas before even finishing recording the song to incorporate into the choreography that fit the vibe of the song.

She’s brainstorming while recording but it’s not her priority — First, the song has to be finished before anything can get finalized.

The poses and moves she thinks of can be incorporated into the choreography after the song is complete.

She then sends the song to the choreographer who creates the final dance moves…

…and that’s how we end up with Lisa’s iconic moves!

As a dancer, Lisa overflows with passion and never stops thinking of moves to add to her music.

Watch the full interview below!