Here’s How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Reacted When She Heard “LALISA” And “MONEY” For The First Time

She recently made her solo debut.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa finally made her solo debut in September 2021 after she and her fans waited for several years.


In an interview with Rolling Stone, it was revealed that she first heard her two tracks, “LALISA” and “MONEY,” just recently

March? I think we started around March.

— Lisa

Her reaction was one of pure joy! She couldn’t believe it was her time to shine after fellow members Jennie and Rosé released their own tracks last November 2018 and March 2021 respectively.

At that time I was like, ‘Is this the beginning? Is it my turn? It’s time for me to shine?’ It felt unbelievable but it was so great.

— Lisa

Lisa’s two songs were made by top producers in YG Entertainment. “LALISA” was composed by Teddy, 24, and Bekuh Boom while “MONEY” was composed by 24, Bekuh Boom, R.Tee, and Vince. As soon as she heard both of them, she knew they were meant for her.

I heard ‘MONEY’ first then after that I heard ‘LALISA.’ Both songs just felt like they were mine.

— Lisa

She didn’t hesitate to share just how much she loved them to BLACKPINK’s main producer and her friend, Teddy. Lisa was more than ready to include both tracks in her debut single.

I told Teddy, ‘Oppa, I wanna do ‘MONEY’ and ‘LALISA.’ And he was like, ‘Okay, let’s do it.’

— Lisa

Teddy and BLACKPINK 

Lisa’s debut was a certified success, and fans loved both of her songs!

Check out the full interview below!

Source: YouTube